We already have a backbone of our common project with you

We already have a “backbone” of our common project with you — we can receive additives that are in demand for further production by a third-party manufacturer. And it doesn’t really matter whether it’s Monbat, 1AK, ACom or Johnson&Jonson, it’s important that they are ready to buy, and almost “off the wheel”.

That is, we already, after the production of the additive, however, still on such third-party, so to speak, raw materials, and its sale, there was some profit, not connected with the cryptocurrency, but connected with real production.
It is clear that it would be frankly very unfair on our part to deprive you of the opportunity to participate in the received, albeit still small, but still profit In this regard, we, as a project team, in order to increase the total capitalization of the project, increase the liquidity of the ARNO token, and also, in connection with the possibility of implementing the tasks set for us, decided on the need to pay part of the profit received in the process to holders of ARNO tokens project implementation.

In order to further, already overdue, increase the liquidity of ARNO, we are switching from the old staking on the site, when you were accrued ARNO based on 5% profitability per month, to a new method of accrual on the tokens you invested in staking.

Staking, in its current form, will be stopped on February 28 this year and, starting from April, will switch to new accrual principles.

All tokens that are currently staked will again be transferred to your personal accounts in your personal accounts on the site https://arno-token.com. New staking rules and a mechanism for accruing real funds on your newly invested ARNO will come into force in early April.

You will be given the opportunity to choose to invest already purchased or newly purchased ARNO tokens in obtaining real passive income in cryptocurrency. Staking will be based on the native Erc20 blockchain for ARNO, so it will be possible to invest from 500 to 1000 ARNO at an interest of 9% per year, from 1001 to 2000 ARNO at 10% per year and more than 2001 ARNO at 11% per year with the possibility of withdrawing to your wallets or monthly payments default in USDT.

You will be able to transfer ARNO from your personal accounts at site to staking. Transferred tokens will be converted into USDT at the time of transfer at their market (read — exchange, synchronized with the IndoEx exchange) value and the amount in USDT will be explicitly duplicated by the entry in your personal account.

This amount, recalculated in USDT, will accrue interest, although you will have ARNO in staking. Now about the rest of the conditions, which is important. The ARNOs you contribute to the staking pool will be frozen for half a year, that is, more precisely, for 180 days. The first payout in USDT, regardless of the amount of ARNO deposited, will begin after 90 days and will in any case amount to 2.5% of the invested ARNO in terms of USDT.



ART NANO (ARNO) This is a project that specializes in the production of nanotechnologies. The main production facility is located in Belarus.

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ART NANO (ARNO) This is a project that specializes in the production of nanotechnologies. The main production facility is located in Belarus.